Abu Ashraf Masnun

Sr. Full-Stack Developer at Local Staffing LLC

It’s been a long time I have been building software of different tastes on different platforms. I have 6+ years of experience in PHP and 2+ years in Python. I build, secure and scale web applications in my day to day work. Besides web automation, I have keen interest in desktop and mobile application development. I am fairly acquainted with *nix systems having used Linux and Mac OS X as my development environments for around 5 years now. I can perform limited system administration and build tools and utilities as required.

I am a big believer in coding standards and try to follow community best practices to produce idiomatic and high quality code. I architect and optimize systems for high scalability and increased level of fault tolerance. I engage in community discussions and participate in meet ups to share what I know and learn from other people. I follow popular information sources like NetTuts+, Smashing Mag, Planet PHP, Planet Python, and of course the PHP, Python and Javascript weeklies. I am a team player and have faith in positive group dynamics.

I learn fast, adopt early and continuously explore for novelty. I consider myself as a deeply driven and self motivated software craftsman. At my leisure I contribute to different community efforts and open source projects. I share my codes on Github: https://github.com/masnun/ and my thoughts on my website: http://masnun.com

I am open for challenging opportunities in life changing jobs which contribute to a better tomorrow!

Specialties: fast learner, efficient, agile, dedicated, honest and loves challenges