Have an awesome topic about freelancing in your head and want to share that with the rest of the world? Why don’t you come on down to BITPA conference 2019?? 

Here is your big chance to share your ideas, creativity, and skills over the freelancing arena. 

We are presenting a day-long discussion session. Here we will cover all the topics related to freelancing. So, beginners never miss an update about the freelancing work tactics and how it works.

We are inviting speakers who have been into this business for a very long time. We look forward to their expertise and seek their guidance. So if you are one of them, this is your ultimate moment to showcase your knowledge and experience.  

Check out our rules and regulations and terms in order to be a speaking guest at our conference. After you have read the terms, fill up the application properly and leave it up for the selection panel. 

Duration of Your Speech

We are allowing to different formats for our speakers to talk, 

Extensive Conversation: The speaker will get a maximum of 30 minutes to present is knowledge. It is advisable that he keeps 20 minutes to break down his presentation. We can use the remaining 10 in order to take any questions. 

Speed Talks: Here the presenter will only get 10 minutes to wrap up his presentation. 

Event Date: 16th November 2019

Event Location: The speaking event will take place in the Shahid Tutu Milonayoton. We kindly ask for 10 minutes break after each presentation. This will allow us to set up the stage for a new speaker and also to grab the attention of the audiences. 

Deadlines and Application Procedure 

* First call for application. Start 20 September. Deadline: 30 September

* Selection Process. Final Dates: 10th October

* Speaker Notification. Final Dates: 15th October

* Speaker Announcement. Final Dates: 16th October

Why Join BITPA 2019 as a Speaker? 

  • Exposure in front of the IT Giants in the industry
  • Wide range of media exposure
  • Free admission and special treatment inside the conference
  • Other sponsor related benefits


If you are looking to take on multiple topics then you should mention that in your application.

Time Over. Thank you.