BITPA main focus is to motivate and show the right path to IT Professionals. Our audience belongs from beginner to expert IT Professionals like IT Entrepreneurs, Web Designers and Developers, Graphic Designers, Article Writers, and all the freelancers working in the marketplace like Upwork, Freelance, etc. BITPA’s goal is to create to find solutions and grow networks between all IT Professional communities.



  1. Our objective is to be introduced together with the IT professional and the IT entertainer.
  2. Helping society by providing new jobs to newly educated people.
  3. The unemployment problem would be solved, although partially.
  4. Helping the government of Bangladesh who is intending to develop the country as a rich and developed one.
  5. Globalization awarded people should be more facilitate here.
  6. This is the social activities of the IT professionals who have actually no social values by this time. Unlike the professional of the established professions such as doctors, engineers, builders and etc.
  7. The IT professional should also have financial values.
  8. Financial Institutions Like banks should also recognize them as true professionals.